- Ateliers Maugars


ATELIERS MAUGARS' 40 employees are fully attentive to your requirements. Their expertise is fully oriented towards the manufacture of mechanical parts.

Machining parts in development, pre-series and series run

Machining hard metals: Inconel 718, TA6V, Marval X12, X13, A286, 17-4PH, and 15-5PH...

Automated machining of complex turned and milled parts

Three-dimensional verifications

Fabrication of subsets

Special aviation processes: sandblasting, bonding, nitrogen shrink fitting, swivelling and fitting of PR seal

Special industrial processes: testing seals according to our customers' specifications

To achieve our quality and service objectives, we have a brand new modern production facility (average age 10 years) supplied by long-standing partners among the most reputable in the world.

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