Our internal quality system provides our customers with the QUALITY ASSURANCE required for qualified processes.

This QUALITY ASSURANCE is carried out thanks to the implementation of the procedures indicated by the ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certifications.

Our goals in 2019

Improve our deadlines

Timeliness of negotiated deadlines at 96%

(Out of 100 orders, 96 achieved within the negotiated deadline)

Improving the quality of our products

Defect rate of delivered products is less than 1,500 PPM

(Out of 1,000,000 parts delivered, 1,500 maxi are defective)

Download our : Aviation supplier quality requirements

MAUGARS INDUSTRIE uses numerous methods to validate the conformity of the manufactured parts:

A three-dimensional JOHANSON Sapphire numerical control machine
A three-dimensional JOHANSON Sapphire computer numerical control (CNC) machine
AYONIS visual inspection machine
Digitisation of production thanks to the computer tool

Within the Group we are fully committed to preserving our resources. We ensure that our chips, and oils, etc. waste is sorted and recycled.

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