For over a century, MAUGARS INDUSTRIE has designed and manufactured safety devices and components. Initially focused on shipbuilding (valves, portholes, and sound equipment), MAUGARS INDUSTRIE know operates in the precision mechanics sector, notably for the aviation sector and industry.


In 1906: Léon Maugars established the eponymous ATELIERS MAUGARS Company in Le Havre, to design, development, and manufacture ship safety equipment.


During the 1960s: Diversification strategy into mechanics is employed.


During the 1980s: The foundry was let go, taken over by Philippe BRASSE. He adopted a modernisation policy.


During the 1900s: Development of precision mechanics, entering into the aeronautical market.

In 1998: Acquisition of SAMDECO for the production of aeronautical components.


During the 2000s: Decision to robotise; delivery of the first embedded aircraft parts.

Today, we are accelerating the pace of investment and the advancing the development of digital tools.

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